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Who am I ?

I am down here to find out something... But what ?

Curious by nature, I am interested in many things that I will try to share with you on that web site.

The most important thing I do developing web sites : graphics, HTML and a bit of PHP and Javascript development. After graduating at the Ecole Boulle, in Paris, I had several jobs more or less related to my studies. In 1999, I discovered the « modern computer » with everything that came with : 32bit coulour screen, sound adapter, a more than 150 megabytes hard drive and the most important thing : Internet.

What a revolution it was : an operating system with a GUI that runs huge applications and keeps you in touch with the rest of the world. Internet appeared to me like a good way to travel at low cost and moreover, something that you can take part of.

Then I quickly started to learn how to use creation softwares in several companies. As a curious person, I have as well played a lot with PHP and Javascript which is partly what this site is about.

Wanna know more about me (which I doubt :p) ?

Feel free to contact me.